Life Assurance

Insurance Portfolio Bond Solutions

Moving, living and working abroad is exciting and often rewarding, but navigating the rules, legal systems, and medical systems of a foreign country can be a complex and frustrating process. Often overlooked in todays world of complex finances is making sure your family, and dependents are provided for in the event of a tragedy, and that your hard earned savings are working for you and are not being eroded.

Traditional style insurance products can be sourced at UK rates through our relationship with Lloyds of London but in addition Square Mile has direct access to a range of Insurance Portfolio Bonds from a broad panel of regulated International Life Offices who all have stable credit ratings and have many millions of assets under management. 

Through these efficient insurance linked portfolio bonds, Square Mile Financial Services, will ensure your protection needs are covered and allow access to a wide range of suitable underlying investment solutions. Older style products were costly and inefficient but the financial services market has evolved and newer trust based solutions offer cost, and tax, efficient plans that cover a spectrum of suitability and risk appetite factors. Square Mile Financial Services is able to work with all the leading 'new style' Insurance Portfolio Bond providers such as:

Square Mile Financial Services is also able to fully service existing clients of insurers such as Old Mutual International (formerly Skandia), RL360, SEB (formerly Irish Life), Hansard, Zurich International, and a number of other companies that previously offered older style solutions.

Services are not limited to single premium or one off payment business and through large global insurers, like Investors Trust Assurance, Square Mile Financial Services is able to offer a complete range of insurance based regular savings plans.

Whether its an Portfolio Insurance Bond with an underlying spread of investments, or a regular savings plan with guaranteed minimum returns, Square Mile Financial Services is here to help you achieve yours and your families financial objectives.

Investors Trust Assurance Awards

Square Mile Financial Services were delighted to recently pick up two awards at the Investors Trust Assurance Annual Conference. The awards reinforce Square Mile’s commitment to ensuring robust and suitable products are provided to our clients.



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